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We put forth comprehensive solution documents within our solution team, ensuring a complete understanding of customer needs and presenting the most reliable, innovative, and budget-friendly solution proposals.

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83 Okullar Street, Kucuk Kaymakli, Nicosia, North Cyprus
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Our Services

With our team of expert engineers and technicians, along with our technological solution partners, we provide turnkey electrical project and implementation services in LV (Low Voltage), MV (Medium Voltage), and Weak Current fields for various sectors such as hotels & casinos, tourist facilities, industrial plants, hospitals, data centers, shopping malls, and other living spaces.
Our Panel Factory, operating under the Ertek Group umbrella, manufactures AG standard panels with the highest quality and advanced technology, certified with TipTest. We provide panel manufacturing and assembly services for all types of electrical panels, including custom-designed ones based on our customers’ preferences. Additionally, Ertek PANO is a partner in Schneider Electric’s ‘Premier EcoXport AG Panel’ collaboration.
The team at Otomatica, a part of the Ertek Group family in Istanbul, along with the team in Cyprus, is dedicated to understanding customer goals and issues, offering value engineering through innovative solutions. We provide services in detailed design, planning, testing, and commissioning processes to serve our customers. Additionally, we work towards ensuring post-implementation continuity.
Ertek Energy Systems Ltd., established under the Ertek Group umbrella with the aim of providing the supply of energy from renewable or non-renewable sources to end-users, offers project planning, engineering, consulting, and implementation services with its team of expert engineers and technicians.
As Keystone Construction Ltd., a company within the Ertek Group with a Class 1 Construction Certificate, we construct all kinds of building projects with our expert architects, engineers, and staff in an environmentally friendly approach, providing functional and aesthetic living spaces in a turnkey manner within a suitable budget and superior quality.
Within the Ertek Group, the integration of professional experience with project design allows us to operate in the fields of engineering, project drawing, consulting, testing, measurement, and reporting with our expert and experienced team.
As Ertek Group’s teams in Cyprus, Istanbul, and Dubai, we carry out maintenance and repairs, as well as on-site application and after-sales maintenance of data centers and facilities using devices and products in our projects. Our trained specialists closely follow technology trends to ensure efficient service.

Ertek Group is a company that prioritizes quality in the supply of electrical materials. In the electrical sector, we aim to make a difference and strive for excellence with the support of expert teams and distributorships from leading manufacturers worldwide and in Turkey.

Ertek Group
With the customers

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the dedicated employees who make up the ERTEK family, our business partners who empower us, and our stakeholders as we complete 30 years on this journey of dedication.
Ergün Emiroğulları - Chairman of the Board

About Us

In 1993, Ergün Emiroğulları was registered as the director of ERTEK Elektrik Sistemleri LTD. In the early years, thanks to the intensive efforts and sacrifices of Ergün Emiroğulları and his team, the company strengthened rapidly. The company actively participated in large construction projects and factories in Cyprus, gaining appreciation and encouragement from industry stakeholders and authorities, especially for approaching projects with complexities in design, engineering, and the use of new technologies.

Since the beginning of its service, management, staff, engineers, and workers have collaborated shoulder to shoulder, laying the foundation for ERTEK’s sincere and collaborative management style.

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Ertek Group

Our company provides medium voltage, low voltage, and weak current systems, energy management, automation, measurement and control technologies required for energy reaching the end-user, integrated security systems, and technical facility management services.

Otomatica is specifically focused on digitizing the physical infrastructure of critical facilities, especially data centers, aiming to ensure high business continuity, performance, and efficiency throughout the facility's lifetime, prioritizing sustainable operations.

Established in 2004 and providing services with a Class 2 Construction Contractor Certificate until 2012, KEYSTONE Construction Ltd. underwent a new restructuring after joining the ERTEK GROUP, establishing its administrative and technical staff and vehicle fleet.

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We take pride in our 30 years of experience and the success of thousands of projects
Dynamism and motivation are indicators that our future goals will be achieved.

Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety, and Social Responsibility Policy




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Ertek Group

We put forth comprehensive solution documents within our solution team, ensuring a complete understanding of customer needs and presenting the most reliable, innovative, and budget-friendly solution proposals.


83 Okullar Street, Kucuk Kaymakli, Nicosia, North Cyprus


+90 392 444 85 85