Energy; The most important energy source of our era is from renewable energy systems. In order to create a sustainable and assertive structure, we have established Ertek Enerji Sistemleri Ltd. under Ertek Group. All the activities concerning the renewable energy systems are carried out completely by Ertek Enerji Sistemleri Ltd. Currently, we have prominent experiences regarding ongoing renewable energy system set-ups in our country.

We have signature under 1 MW ODTÜ project.

Maintenance-Test-Measurement; Ertek has created 'Maintenance and Repair Unit' in 2011 to provide more institutionalised and modern maintenance and repairing that has been conducted for years.

Fundamental Tasks of the Team
  • Preparing reports about electrical efficiency existing installations
  • Renovations of the electrical installations according to customers' requirements.
  • Operation, service and maintenance of electrical systems of the facilities.
  • Identifying and fixing problems immediately by means of establishing smart systems.
  • Maintenance Repair Unit, equipped with professional tools and personal protectors, is doing their best to answer the needs of companies who are serving our country's economy as fast as possible to aid them for working more efficiently as well as making sure they have continuous energy.

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